January – February 2022

Beginning on the 16th November 2021, the day when nearly all the seminarians left for Christmas holidays, we had in our seminary a group of youth from the Bomana Parish, the seminarians who came from Rapolo after the propaedeutic year, and a group of our seminarians who were selected to study at Pontifical Urbanian College in Rome and needed to obtain the required documents such as their medical certificate or passport. The assignment of these two groups was to provide security for the seminary buildings and compound, protecting from the unwanted visits of the neighbouring rascals. They also worked hard to maintain the seminary buildings and compound and prepared them for the priests coming for the ongoing formation workshop and for the seminarians coming for the new formation year. They also had social and formation activities as: Mass, morning prayer, adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, spiritual conferences, sports, and recreation outside. We celebrated Christmas and New Year’s Day together, and at the end they received a letter of appreciation and the stationary needed for the new school year. We called them Summer Seminarians. They did their service very well and effectively.
From the 5th until the 12th of January, 2022, at the Holy Spirit Seminary in Bomana, we had an ongoing formation workshop (retreat) for the priests with 15 or more years of priesthood from the dioceses of Papua New Guinea. The workshop was subsidized by Aid to the Church in Need and Catholic Bishops Conference of Papua New Guinea & Salomon Island.

28 January-4 February — After the Christmas holidays, our seminarians arrived at the seminary. For this formation year we have 83 seminarians, the highest number since the beginning of the third millennium. They are from 17 dioceses of PNG and from the Congregation of St. Michael the Archangel (CSMA), Congregation of the Mission – Vincentian Fathers and Congregation of the Rogationists of the Heart of Jesus (RCJ). After two introductory days, the five day annual spiritual retreat was facilitated by the newly appointed spiritual director of the Holy Spirit Seminary, Fr. Joseph Emmanuvel Amith CM.

5 February — Solemn opening of the formation year 2022 with the Eucharist celebrated over by the rector of the seminary and dinner with a social program. During the morning Mass we celebrated the official handover of the outgoing (Robert Waiek) and incoming (John Wai) seminarians’ presidents with the words of thanksgiving and promises.

9 February – Solemn celebration of the birthday of the Archbishop of Port Moresby, Chair of the Episcopal Board of the Holy Seminary, His Eminence Sir John Cardinal Ribat MSC, DD, KBE, who presided over the Eucharist and presented an excellent speech about the amazing gift of our lives and the importance of taking care of our health during the solemn dinner.

12 February — Each second Saturday of the month we will have a dawn outdoor rosary and Eucharist. The first one was celebrated by the vice-rector of the seminary, Fr. Peter Chanel Silong.

13 February – Since last year a new tradition was born – Sunday afternoon jogging (instead of sleeping) in different suitable places of the Bomana neighbourhood. This Sunday to Mt. Eriama.

18 February – Opening of the 2022 sport games at the Holy Spirit Seminary.

27 February — Birthday celebration of Fr. Solomon and brothers born in December, January and February. This year the birthday gift is a flash memory to store the electronic students’ resources.

28 February — The Cardinal Sir John Ribat came to the seminary in the morning to meet eight seminarians selected for study in Rome and announced the names of those who were admitted for the academic year 2022/23 by the admission board of the Pontifical Urbanian College. They are: Bernard Tohian (Kavieng), Joseph Aria (Kimbe), Raphael Gobi and Philip Opeae (Port Moresby). Congratulations brothers!

March 2022

1 March — Meeting with a nurse, Sr. Philomena Efi, who presented the most important issues regarding our health and answered the questions of the seminarians. She was asked by the Rector’ Board to provide the medical service for the seminarians of the colleges studying philosophy and theology at Catholic Theological Institute.

4 March — A group of seminarians visited the neighbouring Mt. Eriama Water Treatment Plant. The visit was guided by the director, Mr John Kepui, who explained in detail how the water from the river is becoming the tasty potable water we are using in our houses.

Since 4 March, each Friday of the Lent we celebrate the Stations of the Cross in our chapel or compound, meditating on the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

6 March – Instead of jogging this Sunday we had a walk in the Adventure Park, a beautiful nature preserve, in the company of the Apostolic Nuncio in PNG&SI and his secretary.

9 March – The meeting of the Episcopal Board of the Holy Spirit Seminary. From the left are present: Fr. Peter Chanel Silong (vice-rector), Bp. Donald Lippert OFM Cap. (Bishop of Mendi), Sir John Cardinal Ribat MSC, DD, KBE, the Chair (Archbishop of Port Moresby), Fr. Martin Wallace OP (president of the Catholic Theological Institute), and Fr. Jacek Tendej CM (rector of the seminary) taking the picture). The Board listened to the members of the staff of the seminary presenting their reports, discussed them, and made decisions concerning the future of the formation in the seminary.

10 March – Holy Spirit Seminarians, with the spirit of community and family, celebrate with Fr. Marceliano, who after the celebration will leave PNG for Philippines. His message was, „It is good to go back home after mission in other countries before you are very old and find yourself in your own country not useful.”

11 March – This Friday evening we went to the Port Moresby Art Theatre for the musical „Buttoms Up”, an adaptation of a 2017 comedy production. More...

15 March – Donating blood is a life giving exercise. We were very happy to be part of the brothers donating blood for the patients at Port Moresby General Hospital at the Catholic Theological Institute Campus.

17 March – As a community we were very happy to celebrate the 6th anniversary of priesthood for Fr. Amith CM. His message to the community was: „I will try my very best to serve you brothers and seminary.”

18 March – Friday sports is very interesting. The brothers, having in mind the importance of the body, play with joy and happiness to deepen friendship and brotherhood. Sports is not just a sport, but it is a part of the four pillars of formation.

Every Lenten season, the Holy Spirit Seminary used to have Statsion of the Cross inside our chapel. This year the leader of group three, Bro Russell Bateri, organized the Station of the Cross outside with the theme, “Let all the creation join in praising God.”

20 March – We feel with our brothers and sisters of Ukraine who are affected by the war started by the decision of Russian President Putin. During the Eucharistic procession from the Holy Spirit Seminary to the Boismenu College we pray rosary and have the adoration at the MSC compound. We pray with the main intention a prayer for peace in families, and all the Ukrainians. The prayer was attended by many seminarians, brothers, sisters, priests, and lay people who accepted the invitation of our spiritual director.

22 March – Dr. Eric Mange (second from right), a kidney specialist, is a young doctor by profession at age of 28. He was in the Holy Spirit Seminary for almost three hours. He gave a talk on how to protect ourselves and prevent having kidney problems and on how our kidneys can be destroyed if we are not careful with our eating habits and lack of physical exercise.

25 March – On the Feast of the Annunciation the whole Church was asked to pray and consecrate Ukraine and Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. In union with Pope Francis the Holy Spirit Seminary joined with the Universal church in Consecrating Ukraine and Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The prayer began with the Benediction and then followed with the Holy Rosary.

April 2022

3 April — Holy Spirit Seminary brothers preparing the parishioners from Laloki chapel to receive the sacraments of Baptism, First Communion, and Marriage. Each Sunday the theology seminarians are going to five of the Bomana Holy Name of Jesus parish for the pastoral activities.

8 April – Our seminarians, along with priests, visited the National Museum in Port Moresby. Mr. Patricia Sosori explained the resources of the museum from different regions of PNG. Outdoors it was possible to see the Japanese military equipment from the time of the Second World War.

9 April – was a very special moment. Holy Spirit Seminary was blessed with a very inspiring homily of Archbishop Rochus Joseph Tatamai from the Archdiocese of Rabaul during the investiture of our three seminarians from the diocese of Kevieng.

10 April – Palm Sunday procession and Eucharist was presided over by Fr. Solomon Akaya. Other priests celebrated Mass with a palm procession in the outstation of Holy Name of Jesus Parish.

14-16 April – Triduum Sacrum was celebrated as the community of all colleges whose seminarians attend the intellectual formation at the Catholic Theological Institute. Holy Thursday Lord’s Super with washing of the feet and a procession to the chapel of repose was celebrated by the rector of the Holy Spirit Seminary, Fr. Jacek Tendej CM. Then the morning Stations of the Cross and afternoon liturgy of the Passion of Christ was presided over by the president of the Catholic Theological Institute, Fr. Martin Wallace. On Holy Saturday we had a small Polish liturgical accent – the blessing of the food for the Easter breakfast of a Polish family living in Port Moresby. And the Easter Vigil, with a great bonfire, was presided by Fr. Al Carver, the rector of the Capuchin College.

17 April – Easter Sunday was an extra joy with liturgical procession led by New Guinea Islands seminarians. The homily delivered by Fr. Peter Silong was very inspiring and touching.

24 April – On the afternoon of the Divine Mercy Sunday we pray the corona and meditate on the roots and history of the Divine Mercy listening to three reflections: one by Fr. Marcin Wróbel CM on the biblical foundation of the Divine Mercy; one by Fr. Zenon Szabłowiński SVD about Sr. Faustina Kowalska, the advocate of the Divine Mercy; and one by Fr. Jacek Tendej CM on St. John Paul II, the great apostle and propagator of the Divine Mercy.

May 2022

1 May – Formal concluding lunch with teacher and students of the Italian course that was introduced this year at the Catholic Theological Institute to prepare nominated seminarians for study in Italy. Four of our seminarians (Joseph Aria, Raphael Gobi, Philip Opeae and Bernard Tohian) were accepted for the formation and theological study at Pontifical Urban University in Rome.

2-13 May – After two years of restrictions caused by the pandemic, this year a major part of our seminarians and staff went out for the term break. The seminarians went to the communities of the diocese of Bereina (Rapa, Inauaia, Waima, Yule Island, Babiko, Mou) for rest, relaxation, and some pastoral experience. Instead, the rector and spiritual director went for the Vincentian retreat to Kiunga in Western Province.




28 May – We celebrated vocation day in our Holy Name of Jesus parish chapel in Laloki. After the Eucharistic procession and prayer the representatives of the religious congregations and seminarians of the Holy Spirit Seminary presented their charisms and presented the traditional dances.

29 May – Ascension Sunday was celebrated together with the seminarians and the lay faithfuls gathered around the table of the Lord with a very inspiring homily from Fr. Jacek Tendej CM. The day ended with birthday celebrations of the brothers and thirty-first anniversary priesthood ordination of Fr. Jacek, the Rector of the Holy Spirit Seminary.

June 2022

5 June – The Solemnity of Pentecost is also the feast day of the Holy Spirit Seminary. The day itself was brightened with the homily of the Apostolic Nuncio to Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands, His Excellency Archbishop Fermin Sosa Rodriguez. All the Catholic faithfuls enjoyed the day with artistic traditional dances from each of the four regions in the country.

17 June – Our seminarians going for continuation of their formation in Rome at Pontifical Urbanian College met at the Apostolic Nunciature in Port Moresby with the Nuncio Abp. Fermin Sosa Rodriguez. The host, sharing his personal experience, encouraged them to be strong, persistent, and zealous during this special time of formation in Rome (from the left: Raphael Gobi, Joseph Aria, Bernard Tohian, the Apostolic Nuncio, and Philip Opeae).

19 June – During the Solemnity of Corpus Christi we witnessed one hundred and twenty-five youths at the Holy Name of Jesus Parish Bomana, who first received the sacrament of Holy Eucharist. After the liturgy of the Holy Eucharist we had a long procession from the parish to the seminary. The procession was led by a cultural dance from the Southern Region and received by seminarians with a New Guinea Island Region cultural dance.

22 June – The anticipation of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus Solemnity was very significant for us. We had a Eucharistic celebration which was presided by His Eminence, Cardinal Sr. John Ribat MSC. It is significant in a sense that it also a thanksgiving Mass for our four brothers who will be continuing their studies at Rome at Urbanian College. The seminarian are: Joseph Aria, Bernard Tohian, Philip Opeae and Raphael Gobi.

July 2022

1 July – The seminarians and staff of the Holy Spirit Seminary and all the religious colleges who study philosophy and theology at the Catholic Theological Institute celebrated the CTI Day. The Eucharist was presided by Bishop Paul Sundu from Kundiawa, and the keynote speaker was Fr. Dr. Clement Papa from the Good Shepherd Seminary. In the afternoon all regional groups presented their dances in the local dresses.

3 July – the Holy Spirit Seminary was blessed to celebrate the first anniversary of Bishop Paul Sundu, the Bishop of Kundiawa Diocese. His message was: „Be a man of peace”.

7 July – The Church of PNG celebrated the feast of Blessed Peter Torot. We had a wonderful liturgy led by CTI community and the main celebrant Fr. Jacek Tendej.

8 July – Our four brothers (Joseph Aria, Raphael Gobi, Philip Opeae and Bernard Tohian) departed to Rome for formation and study at Pontifical Urbanian College. By providential surprise they travelled together with Bishop of Wewak until Doha in Qatar.

14 July  – Holy Spirit Seminary had a very important ceremony of hand over and take over of the student leadership. This was led by Fr. Peter Silong, the pastoral coordinator, with the sign of passing of the candles from the old executives to the new executives. The outgoing: John Wai, Jeffrey Pensoksok and Sojo Humbert and the new: Francis Tina (president), Steven Pup (vice-president) and Jeffrey Ossom (secretary).

23 July – Dinner with Mary Menssis and her brother John. Mary has been involved in PNG since 1962.  She wrote many books about the culture, customs and life in Papua New Guinea. Now she decided to leave PNG and go to her home town of Brisbane in Australia.

31 July – the Holy Spirit Seminary as usual celebrated the birthdays of the brothers born in the month of July. From left: Emmanuel Koaba, Samuel Noglai, Jeffrey Ossom, Victor Kali, Hirinius Katapua, Philemon Lamunai and Jack Keskala Jnr.

August 2022

5 August – We celebrated the Feast of St. John Vianney (because of exams one day after the liturgical memorial), patron saint of the diocesan clergy. Two of them are the staff of the seminary: Fr. Peter Chanel Silong (Kimbe) and Fr. Solomon Akaya (Madang). We also invited two priest lecturers at the Catholic Theological Institute: Fr. Bruno Amanos Pokule (Aitape) and Fr. Edward Ante (Kimbe), and one student priest Fr. Mathew Locan (Rabaul). After the Eucharist presided over by Fr. Joseph Viet Tuan CM, we had a joyful time of a solemn dinner.

8-21 August – The major part of the seminarians went to different communities and families at the time of the second term break. Fr. Jacek, with the priest of the Congregation of the Holy Family, went to Bougainville to witness the priestly ordination of the former seminarian Methodius Maniarah. One week before the ordination they visited different communities of the island and the gold/copper mine.

23 August – Dr. Norbert Rehlis, director of the dental clinics in Port Moresby, presented a lecture about dental care to our seminarians. After the presentation three of his assistants did a very professional dental check up, preparing those who need it for the dental treatment.

26 August – On Repentance Day we have no classes at the CTI, so we went for a time to relax at Gaire Black Beach. We enjoyed this day playing rugby, walking, having some funny competitions, and BBQ food.

28 August – A group of 14 seminarians went with the rector to Cristal Rapids, a beautiful place near Sogeri and above all a place for jumping into the deep river water.

During the dinner we traditionally celebrated the birthdays of the seminarians born in August. From the left: Martin Salifu Dulau, Ephraim Keh, Rudolf Pamat, Philip Pirimin, and George Kalawa.